• Massa ScienzaMassa Scienza

    Conferences and Workshops in the Science field. From 11th December 2010 to 18th February 2011 

  • cineforum.le.donne.jpgWomen and cinema

    From 25th November to 16th December 2010 in Aulla
  • Explore

    Discover the wonderful beaches, the pure nature, the history of medieval villages and the famous marble quarries and taste the typical products.
  • Plan

    Organize your stay choosing the best accommodation. Consult the offered service from rent&hire to the bathing establishments.
  • Book

    Reserve your accommodation, Take advantage of the numerous hotel packages and seasonal discounts and find your expert tour guide.
  • Enjoy

    From fascinating culture and art events, to the emotion of trips and sport or the typical festivals & village fairs.

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