• I want to live...I want to live...

    ... swimming in a wonderful sea, looking at the mountains, white in summer too... walking over 1000 meters over the sea and observing the whole coast from the Golfo dei Poeti to the Versilia... penetrating the mountains and being enclosed by the white marble or by the lush vegetation... walking in the history of millenary villages and discovering the past.

    Spend your holiday in Massa-Carrara! All this, here, it is possible
  • SeaSea

    In front of the wonderful sea of Riviera Apuana, the liberty and decò style buildings are evidence of a rich tradition.
    On the coast, many are the hotels - comfortable and well equipped - and the campsites, for the nature lovers.
    The bathing establishments offer sport, entertainment and relax opportunities.

  • NatureNature

    The Apuan Alps, protected by the Regional Park, are the perfect destination to do trekking or biking excursions. A nature jewel on the sea, they show rare plants and flowers and they are the perfect place for climbing and spelunking. The Lunigiana, at the foot of Tuscan-Emilian Appenine, offers an opportunity to live immersed in a lush vegetation.

  • ArtArt

    The various dominations in Massa-Carrara have left their scars on all the territory. Monuments, rich buildings, wonderful piazzas, churches and fountains. But also, castles and parish churches along the Via Francigena. The stelae statues, famous stone idols, representing a very ancient population.
  • MarbleMarble

    The preciuos marble has been quarried from the Apuan Alps since the Roman Age. The stone used for art and architecture masterpieces. In Carrara, the capital of marble, the tradition relives in the workshops, in the exhibitions and in the Marble Museum.

  • FlavoursFlavours

    Food and wine: a key point for this territory.
    From the coast to the Lunigiana, be seduced by the local food products: from the fine fish dishes to the simple and tasting traditional recipes of the Lunigiana.
    Unique and incomparable, the Lard of Colonnata, a pork product, famous all over the world.

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